Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this service cost me? - Unlimited article submissions are Free for a limited time!

Do you correct my submitted articles? - No, the spellchecking and formatting is up to you. There is an online spell checker when you submit articles or need to edit a submitted article, but it's a second line of checking. We also suggest not using apostrophes (such as a ') or special characters added by some word processors (also called highbit characters) such as MS Word. If you create an article in MS Word, you will have to copy it into a plain text editor such as MS wordpad, or notepad, search/replace all quotes and apostrophes with the plain text version, and paste from that when submitting articles. You will also need to turn off word wrap before submitting any articles.

Are you concerned about article quality? - After being in the article publishing business for so long, we've learned how important fresh, well formatted and quality article content really is. Not only to build your reputation as an experienced, expert author, but for the reputation of each of our article publishing site partners. We will personally check every aspect of an articles before it is approved or declined for reediting.

Is there a Minimum/Maximum number of words for each article I submit? - Yes, articles should be no shorter than 550 words, and no longer than 1200. When you submit an article, the word count will be shown to you, and if too big or small, you will have an opportunity to edit the article.

Do you guarantee my articles will be submitted to all sites in your list? - Yes, your articles will be submitted to all article publishing directories that have requested article submission from us. After submission, it is completely up to each site admin whether your article is kept or declined. In our experience tho, if the site owner gets quality content, they will keep it!

Do you accept all article subjects? - No. Any article that promotes violence, hate, prejudice, warez, porn, drugs advertising sex toys or services, or illegal activities will not be accepted and will be deleted. Articles that are obvious ads for products or services will be deleted along with press releases. Articles proposing online sex sites will be deleted. Articles with links to online sex sites will be deleted. Articles about online gambling & casino sites will be deleted. Articles with viagra links or online pharmacy content/links will be deleted.

Please be sure to read the Submission Guidelines for more information.

Site Owner Receiving FREE Articles From Us

If I'm already getting articles from another submission service, will I get duplicate articles from you? - No, and for a couple of reasons. The Article Script does not allow dupe articles (as may some other scripts), and the submission script plugin for accepting articles from us also checks for duplicate articles before submitting them. If found, the script will not accept the article, and simply exits without submitting the dupe article!